Dual Dc ​
Wireless RCA & DC
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                 Power Supplies

Amps: 1.5 Voltage 0-16
Dimension: 4.25"(W) 5.75"(L) 2.75(H)
Footswitch & Clipcord Included 

Aurora 2 
Critical replica. Same features. Want to see what it's all about not trying to break the bank. Touch screen.
Instrument PS 1
Industrial grade power dc / ac operational fine tune power. High or low grade power. Never need another supply. 
tired of cords this your supply RCA only no adaptors charges in about to 2 hour for 4 to 6 hour use depending on speed setting.
Cheyenne Set up
Cheyenne complete set up includes:
- Footswitch
- Power supply
- Cord